Below is a map of the countries I've travelled to (dark) and/or lived in (darker), created using jVectorMap.

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I currently speak the following languages:

  • English - Fluent, native level
  • Hungarian - Fluent, native
  • Japanese - Fluent, conversational level
    • I lived in Japan for a year when I was 10, and also went to school there. This gave me a great foundation in written and spoken Japanese.
  • German - Understanding: conversational level, Speaking: basic
    • Though I was born in Germany, and my German strongly improves whenever I visit my parents there, it declines just as easily when I'm not there. I believe I would be fluent at a conversational level if I moved back to Germany for a couple of months.
  • Currently learning: Mandarin Chinese - basic
    • Out of all languages I have learned to any extent, I found Mandarin Chinese to be the most challenging to start by far. The most difficult part for me is remembering the tones in pronounciation while also focusing on the unique consonants. For the latter I found this page to be very helpful.

Other languages I am interested in learning (other than if I move somewhere of course), in no particular order:

  • Spanish
    • I learned Spanish in school for about 3 years (like many others) and used to be fluent at a very basic level. As I still remember some of it, and it's widely spoken, Spanish feels like an obvious choice to go for in the future.
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese

I enjoy learning new languages, and would like to be fluent in as many as I can. However, I find it difficult to progress in a language to a fluent level when I am not in a country in which the language is actively spoken. I am always on the lookout for good learning resources, so if you stumble upon this site and know of any for the languages above, I would really appreciate it if you sent them my way☺.

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